for those who value their privacy and want to stay connected.
Communicate in the way you're used to, but without the threat of data leaks, intrusive ads and deanonymization through social media connectors.
To ensure maximum privacy, Insight does not have access to your phonebook data
You build and control your Insight contact list yourself. There is no risk of your contacts falling into the wrong hands through data privacy scams.
Exchange contact details via QR-codes or by sharing a link in another messaging app or email.
Share your contact details in one touch
No external identification via phone number or e-mail.
More convenient
Superior privacy
Insight don't use your personal data or messages to send you ads.
Securing your data
All the messages are encrypted and files are only stored locally on your device.
No scammers
Your contacts won't ever get leaked.
Additional security features
Protection from physical removal of the phone - the app lockdowns in case of an attack.
Privacy even in extreme circumstances
The user can set up an emergency password that
Additional privacy features

Option to conceal your contacts and chats.
How does it work?
Even more convenient
Share your contact details in one click without revealing your personal data.
Saving the contacts
Save other people's contacts as you see fit.
Anonymous communication
Communicate in a familiar interface of a secure messenger without revealing your phone number.
All industry standard features are rolled into the modern and sleek secure messenger